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Watch Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 17


After an intense battle with her father, Fushiguro Megumi finds herself on the brink of death. As he lies unconscious and seriously injured, he is discovered by Juumonji Haruta, a fellow jujutsu wizard who harbors a grudge against Megumi for leaving her father's clan. Seizing the opportunity, Haruta attacks the weakened Megumi, seeking revenge for his perceived betrayal. Despite her desperate state, Megumi manages to summon his shikigami, Kuroi Inugami, using his Ten Shadow Technique. Realizing that Megumi is in desperate need of help, the loyal shikigami channels her power into healing his injuries and restoring his strength. Meanwhile, Gojo Satoru continues his wild clash with Rokugo, a cursed spirit of a special rank. Despite Rokugo's formidable strength, Gojo's unique abilities allow him to gain the upper hand. Using his signature domain expansion technique, Infinity, Gojo successfully dislodges Rokugo and brings the battle to a decisive end. However, the respite doesn't last long as Geto Suguru, another formidable jujutsu wizard and leader of the Cursed Spirits, arrives on the scene to challenge Gojo's student Otogami Yuta. Geta's immense strength and mastery of cursed techniques prove to be too much for Yuta to handle, and so he succumbs to Geta's overwhelming power. As the episode draws to a close, the focus shifts to Megumi, who has regained her composure and is ready to face the formidable challenge that lies ahead. He finds himself face to face with Sukuna, an ancient and powerful cursed spirit that resides within him. The tension between the two entities is palpable and sets the stage for an epic showdown in the coming episodes. Key points: Megumi fights Juumonji Haruta when he is on the verge of death. Gojo Satoru defeats Rokugo using his domain expansion technique. Geto Suguru overpowers Otogami Yuta. Megumi prepares to confront Sukuna, the cursed spirit within him. motives: The enduring power of friendship and loyalty, exemplified by Kuroi Inugami's unwavering support of Megumi. The consequences of betrayal and the lingering impact of past actions. The immense power of the Cursed Spirits and their ongoing conflict with jujutsu wizards. The unwavering determination and resilience of the protagonists in the face of overwhelming odds. Overall, episode 17 is a pivotal moment in Jujutsu Kaisen's storytelling as the characters face their most difficult challenges yet. This episode masterfully mixes intense action sequences with moments of emotional resonance, leaving viewers eager for the next chapter in this gripping story. images-23